Bell Ringers

St. Andrew's band of bell ringers is affiliated to the Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers and further information on the bells can be found by visiting its website.

We welcome anyone who may like to learn to ring - just get in touch and we'll arrange for you to come and see what is involved, at one of our Tuesday evening practices.

St. Andrew's Bell Ringers

We practice each Tuesday evening, in the ringing chamber of St. Andrew's Church tower.  The start time varies, so please contact us to check and we usually ring until 9pm followed by some liquid refreshments!

We usually ring on Sunday mornings before the main service from 9.15-10.00am, plus other special services and events of local and national importance.

In case you would like to be in touch, please contact Helen Ruberry (Acting Secretary) on or 07538 587022,  or Duncan Walker (Tower Captain) on or 07879 430534.

On Tuesday evenings entry is normally by the South door, which is open a few minutes before and after the start time.  Please let us know if you plan to come and we can make sure you are able to get in OK.


History of the Bells

The earliest record of a bell in the tower is of a bell being recast in 1639, which is believed to be pre-Reformation. In 1661 there was three bells, and this was increased to five by 1704, although one is recorded as faulty, and could not be rung until 1739. In 1763 a new set of six bells were installed by Lester & Pack of Whitechapel for £332, and then in 1887, two more bells were added, and one of the old ones recast at a total of £220.

Each bell in the tower is named:  1. Squilla,  2. Nola,  3. Nota (fire),  4. Signum (service),  5. Nundaie (market),  6. Noctula (curfew),  7. Morta (death) and 8. Andreas

The tower also contains Ellacombe Chimes (known locally as the carillion), installed in 1915 by Taylors of Loughborough, only rarely used now we have an active band of bell ringers.